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Lucero - Sounds of the City
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it ain’t sad, it’s the way it goes
what are ya doing in this kinda place all alone?
now ain’t the time to be going home
if you stay i think we can get along
me and my friends we might not look like much
but we got the time and know when to push our luck

i’m fallin’ in love to the sounds of the city
all these streets lead me always back to you
no need to be shy, you’re lookin’ too pretty
please tell me, what should i do?

-Sounds of the City by Lucero

These guys closed out Krazy Fest last night, and were amazing, such good music. I’ve spent all day at work listening to their albums that they have streaming on their site, as well as buying the newest one on itunes. Also on the album I bought is The Devil and Maggie Chascarillo (here’s an awesome acoustic version), which when they played it last night, had lyrics that sounded like references to Love & Rockets, so hearing the song on my headphones and learning the title just confirmed it being a song about the comic series… makes me like these guys even more.

So… who’s gonna hook me up with all their other albums?